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So what can you do to avoid maxing out your visa card on the many hundreds of dollars required to get the assigned books this semester? Used books are very popular but not at the bookstore, they will charge almost the new price and buy it back at 20% of what you paid. There are a number of online bookstores selling textbooks now and most at much cheaper prices than can be found at on or off campus stores. Quickly gaining popularity is book rentals where you only pay for use of the book for period of time and then return it. Prices for this service range from 20-40% of the retail price. Listed below are all major online places to buy, rent or sell textbooks in the US, UK or Canada.

The Best Places to Shop for Textbooks Online

The High Cost of Textbooks
Why are Textbooks so much more expensive than regular popular books?
The main answer is production costs, limited volume and short life of the books. It requires a great deal of effort and editing to create a quality book that professors will select for their course material. These books are made with higher quality material including glossy paper with pictures, charts and illustrations that drive up production cost. Most text books have a limited life span of only a few years and with much lower volume than popular books, publishers have limited time to recover development and production costs.

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